Professional vs DIY Moving: Which One Is Better?

Should You Hire Professional Residential Moving Services?

Many people ask themselves whether the best way to move is to do it themselves or to hire local residential moving services that suit their budget. The process surely comes with a handful of stressful situations and a lot of packing, lifting heavy furniture, and so on, but is hiring movers really worth it? Today, we answer this question.

Moving Yourself: Pros & Cons

Let’s say you decide to skip the professional moving company. Probably you think that you will save lots of money. This might be true, especially if you were planning to hire reputable movers that have high rates. What you also gain is control. You get to decide how the entire moving process should go and take it as many steps at a time as you wish.

However, while those might be some great benefits, you are still left to handle the heavy lifting, all the logistics & planning, and dealing with unexpected problems on your own. If this is not your first time moving, these might not be as stressful. But, most of the time, they could make the process a lot harder to manage and if you don’t have the spare time to look into the details of each task, you might end up with missing or damaged personal items. Whether your move is a success or a failure, depends all on you.

Hiring Movers: Pros & Cons

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring professional residential moving services. First of all, you don’t have to lift a finger. It will be all taken care of for you. None of the heavy lifting, loading & unloading, driving, and packing will be your responsibility to handle. In addition, it will be done in a much faster and organized manner because moving pros have done it at least a couple of hundreds of times before.

On the other hand, it is less flexible. You still get to choose how the moving process will go and ask to customize the service, but your control over it is still limited. You might have to pick a different date if the mover is not free on your chosen one. It also could be more expensive than a DIY but if you choose a company that has competitive rates, you can easily eliminate this con.

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