Learn All About Our Services

With over 15 years of industry experience, Back Breaker Movers #1 is the team of local movers that will help you change addresses in a smooth and professional way. If you are interested in our services and what we can offer to people located Milwaukee, WI, stay on this page and you will learn all about it.

Residential Moving Service

We all know how stressful moving out can be. It involves a lot of planning, even more packing, and a fair deal of stress trying to organize all of it. The process can take up weeks, especially if you are doing it by yourself. That’s why we think it’s always better to ask for help. Not just anybody, but a true professional. That’s the only way to go.

Shrink Wrap Service

Big moves require a lot of preparation and if you have many fragile pieces, you should consider covering them in shrink wrap. Back Breaker Movers #1 can do that for you at a surprisingly affordable price. We will bring our equipment to your location and we will protect your valuable assets while relocating them.


We also deliver packages and items to another location of your choice. If you want to send something, no matter the size, to another person somewhere in the area, let us know! Your parcel will be securely wrapped and transported in one of our vehicles so you can have peace of mind.


Moving furniture is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the moving process. Especially when the pieces are large in size and have multiple parts. But, don’t worry, you have reliable helpers by your side in the face of our team in Milwaukee, WI. We will ensure your furniture get assembled quickly in your new location.


We can disassemble any piece you need to transport to a new location. Some furniture sets are tough to take apart but we are experienced in disassembling them, so before you roll up your sleeves in an attempt to do it yourself, ask us first!

Contact us at (414) 338-7220 and let us know if your moving date is coming close so we can give you a free estimate and more information!